Year 5 Curriculum Booklet Spring term 2017

January 9th, 2017

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Please note that we are a nut and citrus free school

Welcome back and we hope you have enjoyed the Winter break!

Meet the team: Miss Ryan, Mrs Townsend, Mrs Zubler, Mrs Khanzadeh and Mrs Fikri.

If you would like to speak to your child’s teachers after school is the best time of day. If there are pressing situations that might affect your child that day, please write a brief note or ask the office staff to pass on a message.


When children come into Year 5, class teachers expect that children will be regularly learning at home:-

  • Multiplication tables
  • Spellings
  • Reading

Please continue to discuss with your child the book they are reading. This helps them to develop good analytical and comprehension skills. Please write a brief comment in their Reading Record and sign each day. It is every child’s responsibility to hand their Reading Record in at school daily and bring it home each afternoon.

As a school we have invested in an online system that allows children to complete tasks within a unique account created for them. Children will shortly receive their ‘Education City’ login details. Once they have this they will be able to access their homework via: This will become available weekly and will need completing within 7 days.

Any children unable to complete their task out of school time will be given opportunities to complete it using the school’s ICT suite.

Water Bottles

We encourage every child to bring a plastic water bottle to school with their name clearly labelled on it. Research shows that good hydration helps children to concentrate in lessons. Please ensure that only pure water is sent to school. Squash, fruit juice or soft drinks are not acceptable.


Children are encouraged to bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat as a break time snack.

Please be aware that we are a nut and citrus-free school. Please ensure that any birthday treats or sweets

do not contain nuts.

PE Kit

PE is an important part of the curriculum and all children must participate unless a note is received excusing them on medical grounds. Children must have their full PE kit in school all week. They should take it home on Fridays to be washed and return it on Mondays so that they are prepared for lessons.


In Year 5 it is important that children are becoming independent learners. They need to become responsible for their own belongings. They need to have all necessary stationery equipment with them in school at all times. This must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

This includes;

  • Blue handwriting pen (no biros)
  • HB Pencils
  • Ruler-30cm (preferably rigid)
  • Rubber
  • Large glue stick
  • Coloured pencils

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 Year  5   Spring Term

Subject Topic
Science Properties and Changes of Materials – Properties of solids, liquids and gases, reversible and irreversible changes including evaporating, filtering, sieving and dissolving.
ICT China and India – Use search technologies effectively and be discerning in evaluating digital content. Understand technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact
Geography Map Skills – build knowledge of geographical features of the U.K. Learn to use Ordinance Survey maps.
History Invaders – Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasion and settlements
Art Kandinsky  – Respond to imagination through painting, use sketching to plan a composition and use painting techniques for different purposes
Music Blues– Improvise in the blues style and learn staff notation
RE Festivals – Explaining the significance of religious festivals.

Founders and Prophets – Identify founders d prophets of different religions.

PE/Games Health and Fitness – improve personal fitness through a range of activities including circuit training

Tennis – develop and improve tennis skills and play small games.

PSHE Going for goals – Setting personal targets and identifying how they can be achieved.

Good to be me – Developing strategies to cope with a range of feelings.

French Telling the time – Use French words and phrases to tell the time and read timetables



 Year 5 Spring Term 


Each unit lasts approximately 2 to 3 weeks. The units may not necessarily be taught in this order.

Topic Over the term we will cover
Vicious Invaders Setting and character descriptions We will be using a range of texts through our history topic to support writing setting and character descriptions.
Stories with historical settings We will be using a range of fictional historical texts in our history topic to support writing a story with a historical setting.
Mini Sagas We will be using the history topic of Viking Invaders age to support writing instructions.
Report Writing


We will be using the history topic of Viking Invaders to support writing non-fiction reports on different topics


We will be using the history topic of Viking Invaders to support writing information and explanation texts
Poetry Take one poet Benjamin Zephaniah poems: during this topic we will be listening to, learning and using poems by Benjamin Zephaniah to write some of our own.




Iver Heath Junior School


 Year 5 Term 2

The length of each topic will vary from a couple of days up to 2 weeks and may not necessarily be taught in this order.

Topic Curriculum objectives
Word problems
  • Solving one and two step worded problems using all four number operations
  • Reading timetables using 24hour clock times
  • Solving worded problems using timetables
  • Reading and understanding line graphs using real life situations
  • Writing improper fractions and mixed numbers
  • Diving to make fractions
  • Comparing and ordering fractions
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers
  • Reading and writing decimals
  • Comparing decimals
  • Writing fractions as decimals
  • Adding and subtracting decimals
  • Rounding decimals
  • Finding percentages and comparing quantities


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