Year 6 Curriculum Booklet Spring 2017

January 9th, 2017

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Please note that we are a nut and citrus free school

The Spring Term is the most important term of the children’s school life so far! Throughout this term everyone in Year 6 will work incredibly hard to prepare the children for their upcoming SATs. We will focus on the key skills required, developing independence to allow children to succeed in the new style of tests and identifying and closing gaps in the children’s learning. As we are sure you want your children to succeed we ask that you support them and the school throughout this process.



Children will continue to receive daily homework which will target areas for development relating to their SATs. This will include SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), maths, arithmetic, spelling and reading comprehension tasks. The expectation is children will complete all tasks the evening they receive them and return with the finished work the following day. They will self-mark their work during the early morning session so that we can identify all children who require support. Following this we will run booster sessions to address these needs.


Water Bottles

We encourage every child to bring a clear, plastic water bottle to school with their name clearly labelled on it.  Research shows that good hydration helps children to concentrate in lessons. Please ensure that only pure water is sent to school.  Squash, fruit juice, flavoured waters or soft drinks are fine for lunchtimes but are not acceptable in class.


Staying healthy and alert

Research has shown that children with good nutrition and good sleep habits have better concentration and are healthier overall. With the learning challenges that the children will face, good nutrition and rest are essential to their capacity to concentrate and focus throughout the whole school day. This begins with a good night’s sleep followed by a nutritious breakfast! Bringing in a healthy snack such as fruit or vegetables is also actively encouraged for break times. Unhealthy snacks will result in the child being asked to return it to their lunch box as a lunch time treat.


Learning begins promptly at 8.45am so it is vital that your child arrives punctually. If they are late they will miss vital instructions or learning opportunities including marking their SATs preparation homework and having the opportunity to join a booster group if required. If this repeatedly happens it will have a detrimental effect on your child’s education. It also disrupts other children’s learning and can embarrass your child. Also as all Year 6 are the top of the school and many of them are prefects or house captains they need to set a good example to the whole school. As well as this some of them have early morning duties to complete.


Equipment and uniform

To ensure that your child is able to reach their potential we must maximise every learning opportunity. One way to aid this is ensuring your child has the correct equipment. Children in Year 6 are expected to have:

Pencil, blue ink pen (not a biro), 30 cm ruler, glue stick, white board pen, pencil sharpener, rubber

Optional items that would further enhance their learning include:

Colouring pencils, highlighter pens, art shirts and protractors.

Please ensure that your child wears the correct school uniform every day and that it is clearly labelled with their name, including their PE kit.

Please ensure your child has their P.E. kit in school all week.

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Iver Heath Junior School

 Year  6   Term 2

Subject Your children will learn…
Science Everything Changes

This is a challenging module in which children build on their knowledge of living things and how they are adapted to particular environments. They are introduced to the idea that variation in organisms can result in the species becoming better adapted to its environment and that the process of natural selection, over a long period of time, leads to evolution.

D&T Punch and Judy puppet

We will learn about the history of Punch and Judy and how entertainment has changed over time. Children will be making a puppet in the style of Punch and Judy using mod rock, a wooden spoon and a range of fabrics.

Computing Design an APP

Modern mobile phones, tablets and computers all use APPs but have you ever wondered how to make one? Children will investigate the reasons we use APPs, how they are set out to make the easier to use and compare well known apps to find these features. Then they will design an APP for a specific purpose and use their coding skills to make a simple version of it.




Using a range of secondary and personal sources of information children will: investigate various countries in Europe as well as compare similarities and differences between some of these countries. Once they have gained a good understanding of these countries they will write a rage of texts to demonstrate their knowledge.

French Using Listening

We will write in the past and present tense. We will listen to authentic stories to enable us to write our own stories. We will be singing songs, practising our vocabulary and playing games in French.

RE Symbolism

Children will investigate some of the ways in which different religions use symbols to portray meaning and help them to live out their faith.

PE Team work and Challenge

Team work is a vital skill for life and this unit develops it greatly. Children will work with a range of their peers to complete a wide range of challenges. They will need to trusts each other, communicate effectively, help others, be helped by others, think laterally and sow great perseverance to succeed.

PSHCE Going for Goals

During their studies children will learn how to set appropriate long term goals for life and learning. They will the find ways of breaking them down in to achievable small goals which work towards succeeding in their life time goals.

















Throughout the Spring Term we will continue to follow the Year 6 curriculum and cover a wide range of objectives to ensure child make progress towards the Age Related Standards as set out by the DfE.




















































Throughout the Spring Term we will continue to follow the Year 6 curriculum and cover a wide range of objectives to ensure child make progress towards the Age Related Standards as set out by the DfE.

















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