Year 4 go to St. Alban's

March 13th, 2017

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A few weeks ago we went to visit the Roman town of St.Alban’s. The children have been learning all about the Roman’s and were very excited to go on the trip. Although it was raining and drizzly, the trip was a huge success and we all had lots of fun!

We visited the Hypocaust, which is a heated mosaic which would have been used as a Roman bath. We then went to visit the ruins of the Roman wall in the park area and finally in the morning we visited the old Roman theatre.



In the afternoon we had a lesson all about Roman artifacts and the history of the city. We got to look at and handle lots of different items and we had to discuss what we thought they were and what they were used for. Some of the children got to dress up in different Roman outfits.


Afternoon 1

Afternoon 2

Afternoon 3

Finally, we got to look around the museum. There were lots of different things to look at and find out about!

Mrs O


Museum 1


Overall, it was a fantastic day!

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