Iver Heath Junior School

Can do, Work Hard, Achieve!

  • I can't praise the school highly enough. The staff are amazing, from the Headteacher, Deputy, teachers and LSAs to the helpful office staff. (Parent)
  • We are so happy and proud of our daughter's report, it was amazing! (Parent)
  • This is a good and improving school with inclusion at its heart. (Ofsted, February 2018)
  • A sense of harmony permeates the school. (Ofsted, February 2018)


Our school is developing an exciting and stimulating thematic curriculum, which is designed to motivate our children as learners and make learning meaningful, relevant, engaging and memorable for all children regardless of ability. We aim to encourage our children to be inquisitive and enjoy their education whilst developing a desire for lifelong learning.

Whilst catering for the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school, the purpose of our thematic curriculum is to promote creativity and cross-curricular links that help our children to form links in their own learning and begin to understand how the skills and knowledge they acquire now can help them succeed in later life.

We base each theme around a central English text or texts and extend our children’s curiosity by following the theme through into the foundation subjects of humanities, music, PSCHE, RE, art and design and technology as well as (as much as possible) the core subjects of science and maths. This allows children to draw on ideas, skills and knowledge learned through these links to embed their understanding of the theme. During their studies, our children begin to understand how the world is pieced together and how it works. They are also given a clear picture of their place within their own local community and the wider world-community. Where possible, trips, visits and visitors are also planned to encourage, engage and motivate and help our children to pull all of their learning and understanding together.

At Iver Heath Junior School we also plan curriculum days not only to supplement our children’s learning but to include parents and carers in their children’s learning journey. These days include for example, Remembrance Day, Anti-Bullying Day, British Saints Day and Christmas Around the World Day. During these days, families have opportunities to get involved and share their own experiences and talents and learn alongside their children.

Here, you can find links to our curriculum booklets showing what is taught in each year group.