Iver Heath Junior School

Can do, Work Hard, Achieve!

  • I can't praise the school highly enough. The staff are amazing, from the Headteacher, Deputy, teachers and LSAs to the helpful office staff. (Parent)
  • We are so happy and proud of our daughter's report, it was amazing! (Parent)
  • This is a good and improving school with inclusion at its heart. (Ofsted, February 2018)
  • A sense of harmony permeates the school. (Ofsted, February 2018)

Pupil Premium at IHJS

Each year the school is allocated a sum of money called the Pupil Premium Funding to support a specifically targeted group of pupils, often at risk of underachievement. These are pupils who are fall under the criteria of eligibility for free school meals and those children who are looked after children. Children whose parents are in the armed forces are also in receipt of this additional funding.

Pupil premium funding is allocated on the basis of the number of pupils who are entitled to free school meals, those who are looked after children, have been adopted from care or those who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years. The level of funding has risen by a large amount at our school this year, partly because we have worked hard to ensure that we have the accurate information from everyone and partly because of changes to who is entitled to the funding.

 We use the funding to support our pupils through highly targeted intervention programmes that are tracked and analysed rigorously. Pupils might work in small groups or individually depending on circumstance and need. Support is flexible. We employ a learning mentor to work with pupils with social needs and provide nurture support for pupils and families. Sometimes this is preparation for appointments and outside agency visitors as well as the delivery of targeted social skills programmes. We employ skilled professionals to deliver interventions and we work hard to ensure that it raises attainment and well being for these pupils.

A part of the funding enables PPF pupils to have finance for school trips and other treats that would otherwise not be available to particular families.

 Every child is tracked and funding is matched to academic intervention and to indirect intervention and support. If you would like to discuss how the funding is matched to your particular child, then the Headteacher would be happy to explain this to you fully and in complete confidence.

For more information about our Pupil Premium spending, please download our latest report below.