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Iver Heath Junior School

Iver Heath Junior School

‘We are Achievers; We are a Community; We are Proud and We are Inclusive’


Curriculum Vision


Our aim for every child who attends Iver Heath Junior School is to make significant progress in all areas of their development and leave us well-prepared for their next stage of education and life beyond that.

We challenge and engage every child to reach a high standard of academic, physical, personal, social and moral learning skills relative to their start point regardless of their background, abilities or any barriers to their success, real or perceived. 

We recognise and teach each and every child as a whole and unique individual who has personal talents and challenges; likes and dislikes; passions and differences who is starting to find their place in the world. Throughout this journey, we aim to support them to learn:


  • Academic skills and knowledge in core subjects that will become the bedrock of their future learning.
  • Broader curriculum skills and knowledge that will enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the world.
  • Personal skills such as being organised and time-keeping to enable them to cope well with real world expectations particularly in later stages of education and employment.
  • Psychological skills such as resilience, self-soothing and inner-belief to provide them the independence to succeed in life’s many challenges.
  • Interpersonal skills such as empathy, kindness, politeness, teamwork and friendship to allow them to become members of communities that enhance their own life and the lives of those around them.  
  • Self-reflection skills such as critically reflecting on their own experiences, actions and behaviours to allow them to recognise how they influence the world around them both positively and negatively so they may better themselves through their life.
  • Mistakes are the first part of learning any new skill and they should be recognised as a positive sign that a new learning journey has started or continued not as a point to give up.




We have created a knowledge rich curriculum from high quality resources which act as the spine for

our whole school curriculum. The resources used to create this spine are as follows:


  • English – Wordsmith by Pearson
  • Phonics – Rapid Phonics by Pearson
  • Reading scheme – Rigby Star by Pearson supplemented by a range of suitable books
  • Reading recovery – Rapid Read by Pearson
  • Maths - White Rose supplemented by NCETM materials
  • Science – Developing experts
  • History – Plan Bee
  • Geography Plan Bee
  • Art – Plan Bee
  • Design and technology – Plan Bee
  • Music – Charanga
  • PE – Real PE
  • Computing – Purple Mash
  • RE – in house curriculum in line with SACRE curriculum
  • PHSE & RSE – Dimensions  


These resources are the spine of the learning within our school. However, expert teachers can and

do adapt and enhance them for their specific cohorts/ individual children.

For full curriculum mapping, skills progressions and other curriculum documents, please see

individual curriculum subject documents.




The way in which a curriculum is delivered can be the difference between reaching ambitious goals and not reaching them. So at Iver Heath Junior School we strive to deliver our curriculum in a way that engages our pupils and makes them want to achieve. We want all pupils to feel safe and encouraged to learn in an enjoyable, active and self-motivated way. Our aim is to develop children’s skills and knowledge so that they are well prepared for the next stage of their education and ultimately for their adult life and future employment


We ensure the curriculum is delivered successfully by:

  • Create safe and engaging learning environments so children feel encouraged to take risks, make mistakes and achieve
  • Focus on developing positive learning attitudes and growth mindsets within all children
  • Celebrate success of the children regularly
  • Promote and develop independence in children
  • Ensuring teachers have good subject knowledge
  • Have specialists deliver the learning to children for identified areas of the curriculum
  • Encouraging children to discuss their learning in lessons to share and hear good ideas
  • Share learning opportunities with parents when possible to create a supportive relationship for success
  • Provide timely feedback to pupils in a variety of ways to best communicate their successes and development points
  • Offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities to help enhance and embed learning
  • Invest in high quality resources to allow children the best opportunity to learn
  • Create eye catching displays to support and celebrate children’s learning
  • Use formative and summative assessment to identify where a child is on their learning journey and plan the next steps
  • Have subject coordinators to champion and develop each curriculum area within the school





After their time at Iver Heath Junior School, children will leave us ready and well prepared for their

secondary education academically, socially and recognising their social responsibilities. They will be

self-motivated and independent learners who recognise that learning is a life long journey and

embrace this to pursue their interests and ultimately gain employment in a field that they choose,

which they enjoy and succeed in.



Please find the long term plans for our school curriculum as well as overview documents.

We hope that the documents below provide you with all of the information that you may require about the curriculum, however of you would like more information about your child's curriculum please speak to their class teacher who will be happy to help.