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Iver Heath Junior School

Iver Heath Junior School

‘We are Achievers; We are a Community; We are Proud and We are Inclusive’

Pastoral Care

At Iver Heath Junior School, we value pastoral care extremely highly.


Our dedicated team always place the well-being of children at the forefront of their minds when supporting them. 


We have a decicated member of the team who is identified as our Social and Emotional Lead. She works with pupils from across the school to support and develop inter-personal skills including social skills,      self-confidence and ways to manage anxiety. 


To begin each day and throughout the day too, our children can use the well-being cups in each class. These help them identify their own state of well-being and share this with the staff in the class, in a way that can be public or private. In this way, children develop much better understanding of their own well-being and how to manage it but also staff can offer support where required throughout the day. 


After completing a year long nationally run anti-bullying project with Equally Safe, we have in place Agents for Change. These children attended a specially designed training day along with several other schools to learn about anti-bullying and how to create a positive environment around behaviour. As they are pupils of the school, they know more about life on the playground than the adults, so were tasked with creating a system to help children feel safe and report concerns. They implemented the Tell Me Box, which all children have access to use if they need it. 


If you have any questions about how we support pastoral care, please speak to a member of the team. 


The Bucks Family Information Service website also offers lots of advice and helpful links for families. Their website can be found here: Bucks Family Information Service


If you would like further advice the following can offer help:


Childline:         phone: 0800 1111